Dicktator Standard

StandardStandard ECU Specifications:

Suitable for any single trigger per event engine.

1 to 12 cylinders are supported but 3 is excluded.

Fuel control adjustable in 1,5,10,Standard,250 micro second increments.

Fully interpolated RPM and load sites.

Load sensing BT map sensor or T.P.S.

Load range 3 BAR map sensor: -100KPA to 200KPA.

Water, air temperature and T.P.S sensor can be calibrated.

Battery voltage compensation.

Adjustable start prime.

Twin injector drivers.

Single ignition driver suitable for intelligent or dumb igniters.

Coil charge time adjustable.

Two wire idle motor control.

Fuel pump control.

Real time programming .

User friendly software.

1 General purpose output.

Tacho output.

High speed data logging to PC at up to 60 samples per second.

Selectable rev limiting through fuel cut or spark cut.