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Spitronics Lexus V8 Non-VVTi Kit

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  • ECU Saturn
  • 36-1 CRANK WHEEL


Spitronics Lexus V8 Non-VVTi Kit – Complete kit with everything you need to wire your Lexus V8 yourself. In this kit you will find everything you need to get your Lexus to start, please remember however we load a good start up map, its still recommended to take the vehicle for a proper dyno tune to precisely tune timing and fuel. We clearly label the wiring for you and we give the necessary documents to assist you, we are also available for any questions or assistance. In a nutshell, you will change the crank wheel with the one we supply, wire up the 8 injectors, wire up the 2 coils, connect the crank sensor, connect a vacuum hose to the MAP Sensor,wire up the idle control valve, connect the fuel pump and lastly give the unit power.Please note this will only control the engine, if you are running an automatic gearbox you will need to purchase the TCU as well.

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